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Your American Modern® training team is ramping it up. From on-demand online training videos to more webinars than ever, we’re elevating our insurance agent training and delivering inside information that lets you learn your way. You should have choices when it comes to learning about our residential, collector car, boat and yacht, and motorsports insurance products. And with rAMp training, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

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Discover how to sell products that begin where traditional insurance ends.
5/6 1pm EST
AMsuite® Recreational Products & System
5/6 4pm EST
AMsuite Residential Products & System
5/11 2pm EST
AMsuite Underwriting Referral Process
5/11 4pm EST
modernLINK® to AMsuite Conversions
5/12 2pm EST
AMsuite Advanced Billing
5/12 4pm EST
Point of Sale Agent Training
5/13 2pm EST
Advanced AMsuite (finding Decs, Change Effective Date, Add Attachements, etc,)
5/13 4pm EST
NEW—Noteworthy: Leaving Notes on a Policy
5/18 2pm EST
New Agent Training
5/18 4pm EST
Manufactured Home Master Class
5/19 12pm EST
AMsuite Policy Maintenance & Endorsements
5/19 4pm EST
modernLINK to AMsuite Conversions
5/20 2pm EST
AMsuite Recreational Products & System
5/20 4pm EST
NEW—AMsuite and AMsuite Core—their different uses
5/25 1pm EST
AMsuite Homeowners FLEXSM (NEW in IL)
5/25 4pm EST
Manufactured Homes Master Class
5/26 12pm EST
AMsuite Advanced Billing
5/26 4pm EST
New Agent Training
5/27 1pm EST
NEW—Noteworthy: Leaving Notes on a Policy
5/27 3pm EST
AMsuite Underwriting Referral Process
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