EZPay automatic payments.
Good for your business and good for your customers
Whether you're offering policies to new customers, have current customers still on invoice, or are helping customers reauthorize their EZPay payment plans, remember that there are a lot of advantages to making payments EZier!
98% of EZPay customers renew
They keep their policies an average of two years longer than traditional invoice customers
Simplifies the customer-conversion process as we transition policies from modernLINK® to AMsuite®
They never miss a payment, which ensures continuous coverage
They decide which day of the month to make a payment
They get the convenience of no checks to write and no stamps to buy
Lower transaction fees than paper billing
Here's when and how to talk about EZPay Automatic Payments!
The best time to talk about EZPay automatic payments is when you're binding new policies.

Tell them about all the conveniences and sign them up on the spot.

If they want to wait, remind them they can enroll any time by calling Customer Service at 800-543-2644.
EZPay automatic payments is peace of mind and convenience made automatic.

Send them to amig.com/mypolicy, have them click "Get Started Now" and follow the prompts. They'll need their Policy Number and Activation Code; those can be found on mailings sent by American Modern and on a recent invoice.

You can find their numbers for them in either AMsuite or modernLINK. Or, they can call Customer Service at 800-543-2644.
To keep automatic payments in place, EZPay customers must reauthorize their payment plans.

It's a simple process: Send them to amig.com/mypolicy, and have them click "Get Started Now" and follow the prompts. Or, they can call the EZPay Hotline at 800-541-3941 and an American Modern rep will help. They'll need their Policy Number and Activation Code—those can be found on mailings we've sent.

You can also find their numbers for them in both modernLINK and AMsuite. It's critical they take action and reauthorize to avoid a lapse in coverage.

At time of conversion from modernLINK® to AMsuite® from January 2018 through September 2018, policyholders on EZPay renewed with American Modern® insurance at 98%.