Temporary Binding Restrictions Due to Wildfires

Currently, American Modern is implementing wildfire restrictions in select states. However, monitoring of catastrophic events for appropriate risk selection still remains a requirement of any agency partner's risk management process.

These restrictions apply to new purchases if they are located in the area(s) under potential threat from wildfires.

Renewal policy activities will continue, provided there are no lapses between policies.

Please refer to the following website for current information on active wildfires in locations where you write business:

FIRMS (Fire Information for Resource Management System)

Remember that disaster relocation coverage could provide 50% of the temporary relocation costs for moving and storing the collector vehicle or moving the watercraft to a safe location. Limits of reimbursement are generally up to $200 per collector vehicle and up to $500 per watercraft unless higher limits have been purchased for a watercraft. Policyholders are required to retain all receipts for relocation cost reimbursement.