Company History

Key milestones


Midland becomes one of the first companies to specialize in the mobile home finance business at both the wholesale and retail levels.


The company makes its initial public offering of stock to help finance expansion.


Midland enters the mobile home insurance market with the establishment of American Modern Home Insurance Company and American Family Home Insurance Company, which remain as the primary subsidiaries.


Midland creates a vertically integrated organization that expands its special focus on the mobile home market. The company manufactures mobile homes, sells them through 70 retail outlets, and also provides financing and insurance.


The financial downturn of the mid-1970s hits the mobile home industry hard, leading to the discontinuation of the company’s finance operations and eventual sale of the mobile home manufacturing and retailing operations to Champion Homes.


American Modern Insurance Group begins to diversify beyond mobile home insurance, starting with watercraft, followed by collector car in 1993, then motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile in 2000.


Midland and its subsidiaries are purchased by Munich Re.


The Midland name is formally retired as a public brand in favor of American Modern Insurance Group.


The company celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding and its 5th year as a Munich Re subsidiary.