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State-specific information

Insurance coverage in each state is overseen by an insurance department. Periodically, one of those departments asks us to post a link to certain documents relevant to insurance customers in a specific state. If your state is not listed, we have not received information to post.

Tennessee — February 6, 2019

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance issued instructions to insurance companies doing business in the state regarding policyholders affected by the February 6, 2019 storm. It is intended to provide a grace period for meeting insurance obligations to those customers displaced or otherwise significantly impacted by the storm.

American Modern® is fully complying with the state order. Cancellations due to non-payment, already in process or scheduled, are suspended starting February 6, 2019 and will remain suspended through April 12, 2019.

American Modern is applying the instructions covered by this order to all Tennessee counties.

Tennessee residents can reach the Department of Commerce and Insurance with comments, concerns or complaints at or 1-615-741-2218.

Alabama — July 1, 2013
In 2013, the state of Alabama enacted an insurance policyholder bill of rights that outlines what its citizens can expect from an insurance carrier doing business in their state. Read the bill of rights.