Vacation Home Insurance

Owners of a higher-end second home or vacation home typically want to insure it with a policy similar to what they have on their full-time residence, which includes a comprehensive list of causes of loss and replacement cost settlement.


But some vacation homes are older. Maybe it’s that well-loved lake house or cabin that’s been in the family for years. It may lack insulation, a furnace or central air, possibly even electricity. Homes that are cherished, but not in pristine condition, may not qualify for comprehensive coverage. Instead, they need something more basic.

American Modern® offers both types of coverage.

When you describe your “get-away home” to your agent, he or she can explain your options and help you decide what level of coverage is the better fit for it.


We’ll let you rent out your vacation home

With a simple endorsement, you can rent out your vacation home on occasion to family or friends. This should be an infrequent, and not a regular, income-generating activity. For that, you should insure your home as an actual rental property.


Want more information or a quote?

Your agent can answer your questions and get you a quote. Looking for an agent? Use this search tool to find one near you, or call us at 866-884-6167.

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