Vacant Property Insurance

Many of us will deal with a vacant home at some time in our lives. There are many reasons:

  • You own rental property and are between tenants
  • You’ve moved for a new job but your house is unsold
  • A property is undergoing renovations
  • As executor, you are selling a house to close an estate


What you may not know is that the insurance requirements for a vacant home are different than an occupied home. When a home becomes vacant, a standard homeowners policy may give the insurer the right to cancel mid-term, lower coverage levels, or even deny a claim.


You need a policy that is specific for the risks of a vacant property. American Modern has two solutions.


  • For temporarily vacant investment-grade homes we can provide coverage that is comparable to that offered by a typical homeowners policy with open peril and replacement cost coverage.
  • For a vacant home that does not need full coverage, we offer a more streamlined policy that covers the physical damage essentials, and settles any loss on an actual cash value basis.

    Ask your agent which option is better for covering your vacant home.


    Is your rental property vacant because it’s between tenants?

    We make it easy to adjust the coverage when a tenant has moved out and it will be more than a short time until the new tenant signs a lease. Just ask your agent to change the occupancy type on your policy from “rental” to “vacant.” When the new tenant arrives, ask your agent to change it back. Doing so ensures there is no interruption in coverage.


    Want more information or a quote?

    Your agent can answer your questions and get you a quote. Looking for an agent? Use this search tool to find one near you, or call us at 866-884-6167.

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