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Some homes are made for American Modern® insurance—especially those that need the kind of coverage that our specialty insurance provides. There are many reasons why a standard insurance company may not accept your home, or may price it higher than you think is reasonable. It might be because of past claims, its age, size, or value.


These circumstances are rarely challenges for American Modern. We offer two programs for a full-time residence, either single-family or two-family. Both solutions present a bundle of protection that protects the structure, and also covers your personal possessions and liability exposure. Which program is open to you depends on your state.
In some states we offer Homeowners FLEX® which is comparable to a typical Homeowners policy.*

  • Open peril protection – Your cause of loss is covered unless the policy document specifically excludes it.
  • Replacement cost settlement – There is no deduction for depreciation in determining the value of the loss.


In other states we offer a program simply called “Homeowners” that supports homes that may have a challenge getting insurance coverage because of its age or location.

  • Named peril protection – The covered causes of loss are listed in the policy.
  • Actual cash value (ACV) settlement – Depreciation is deducted from the settlement total.

Ask your agent which coverage is right for your home and location—and how to customize it for a perfect fit!


Want more information or a quote?

Your agent can answer your questions and get you a quote. Looking for an agent? Use this search tool to find one near you, or call us at 866-884-6167.


* Please refer to the applicable Homeowners FLEX Program Manual for complete details. Different sub-limits may apply that vary from a standard HO-3 policy. All risk pertains specifically to dwellings and structures. Roof cosmetic damage exclusion and swimming pool slide and diving board liability exclusion apply.

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