Rental Property Insurance

Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, the owners of an investment property in a resort area, or a first-time landlord, you’re looking for insurance coverage appropriate for your property. Some will benefit from full coverage, like you have on your home, but others that are more basic may not need replacement cost coverage or personal property.


American Modern® offers both types of coverage. Your agent can explain the coverage differences and help you choose a policy that is a good fit for your rental property.


We can cover short-term rentals, too.

By adding a simple endorsement, your policy can accept rental terms as short as one week. This is terrific if you are part of the Airbnb® or VRBO® market. By the way, this coverage keeps your investment protected even when you are between guests.*


Are you a real estate investor?

Real estate investors with multiple rental properties can simplify insurance management by combining all of the holdings onto one policy form, with one renewal date and one payment schedule.


Want more information or a quote?

Your agent can answer your questions and get you a quote. Looking for an agent? Use this search tool to find one near you, or call us at 866-884-6167.


* Airbnb is a registered trademark of Airbnb, Inc. VRBO is a registered trademark of, Inc. Neither is affiliated with American Modern, or sponsors or endorses American Modern, its products, or its services.

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