Condominium Insurance

It is pretty easy to obtain condominium insurance, also called HO-6, for a full-time owner occupancy. It’s more of a challenge to find it for a rental property or seasonally-used unit. Our condo program focuses on these more challenging categories. The title on a seasonally-used unit can be held in the name of a family that shares use of it. Condo coverage is available in most states.


Do you rent out the condo full-time?

We will accept a unit that is titled in the name of an LLC, a common arrangement for investment properties. We will also let you extend the liability coverage to cover a property manager who handles the rentals on your behalf. We will allow short-term rentals with an endorsement.


Have a vacant condo to protect?

Although our Condominium program does cover a vacant unit, you can ask your agent to re-write the coverage in our Dwelling Basic program.


Coverage tip

Be sure to contact the community’s insurance agent to understand the coverage purchased by the homeowners association to protect the building, and also contact the community’s property manager to understand the unit owner’s responsibilities and any insurance requirements specified in the governing documents.


Want more information or a quote?

Your agent can answer your questions and get you a quote. Looking for an agent? Use this search tool to find one near you, or call us at 866-884-6167.

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