File a Claim

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Information we need from you

Whether you call us at 800-375-2075, or complete   an online claim form, please have this information ready:

  • Your policy number
  • Your contact information
  • A description of what was damaged/lost
  • Date and specific time of the loss
  • Note any personal injuries that occurred
  • Whether an ambulance was called, or fire or police departments were notified
  • Whether you believe you need to make temporary repairs

However you choose to reach us, we will work closely with you until your claim is settled.

What you can expect from us

Your claim will immediately be assigned to an adjuster, who will contact you to gather more details about what happened. If a traditional inspection of the damage is necessary, your adjuster will work with you to schedule a time and day for that inspection. It may also be possible for the inspection to be handled via our video claims resolution tool, which allows you to virtually connect with your adjuster using a mobile device and your internet connection. If that is the case, the how-to video below shows you what you can expect when you use the technology.

You can proceed with contacting a contractor or repair shop to fix what’s gone wrong. In many cases, your claims adjuster can provide you with information about participating in a contractor referral program. The contractor referral program is designed to provide you with access to qualified participating contractors or repair shops in your immediate area. If the estimate provided by your selected contractor or repair shop is greater than our adjuster’s total estimate, you should contact your claims adjuster.