5 boat maintenance tips
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5 boat maintenance tips

by American Modern May 29, 2024

Spending a bit of time on basic maintenance can help you have fun for years to come. Here are a few  ideas to keep your boat ship-shape.

  1. Keep Things Clean: Boating can be a messy business, but a clean and well-kept boat should last longer than its slimy and unmaintained counterpart. Regularly remove scale and algae scum from the hull and watch out for buildup. Upholstery should be maintained with proper marine cleaners and protectants to avoid replacing it down the road.
  2. Maintain the Battery: Marine batteries can last years if properly maintained. Make sure the battery is secured before every trip and firmly mounted to the boat. Immediately after use, recharge your battery fully to decrease the chance of sulfate deposit buildup. If your battery requires it, make sure its water is at the right level.
  3. Check the Engine: Most boats are run hard on the weekends and left idle for the rest of the week. This irregular use is hard on a boat. That’s why it’s so important to inspect and check all the engines components and fluids every time you go boating. If you find a leak, get it properly repaired right away to prevent further damage and keep toxins out of the water.
  4. Check the Propeller: Your propeller needs to be inspected on a regular basis because any dents, knicks, or dings which can hinder performance, drive up fuel costs, and create internal damage. A few times per season remove the entire propeller in order to remove any built up gunk or debris from your prop shaft and relubricate.
  5. Don’t Stop Now: The end of boating season doesn’t mean the end of boat maintenance. Be sure to have your boat professionally winterized to prevent freezing damage to the engine and hull. Then, make sure it’s properly covered for winter storage.

Keeping up with boat maintenance is the key to your craft’s longevity and safety. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you rely on the professionals, take good care of your boat and it should return the favor with years of boating entertainment.

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