7 steps to get your classic car ready for spring

by Rick Drewry February 27, 2024

Spring has sprung! That means it’s time to start thinking about getting your classic cars and trucks ready for the season. (more…)

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A 15-step guide to preparing your motorcycle for spring

by Rick Drewry February 27, 2024

Spring is in the air, and those motorcycle enthusiasts stuck in colder states are itching to take their bikes out for that first-ride-of-the-season cruise. If your bike has...

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Boat spring commissioning

by American Modern January 08, 2024

A properly maintained boat can provide years of enjoyment. While year-round protection and maintenance are crucial, a good spring commissioning can set your mind at ease. Here are...

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7 ways to stay safe while snowmobiling

by American Modern January 08, 2024

If you’re lucky enough to live in a winter wonderland, hitting the trails on your snowmobile is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. However, snowmobiles are fast...

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5 tips to summer-ize your watercraft

by American Modern January 05, 2024

Summer’s just around the corner and the water’s calling! Time to make sure your watercraft is shipshape. Derek Wolfe, one of our senior watercraft underwriters, offers 5 favorite...

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End-of-the-year insurance checklist

by American Modern December 12, 2023

At the end of each year, we are whisked through a series of holiday celebrations, all leading up to the most contemplative day of the year: New Year’s...

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We’ll help pay to get your car out of harm’s way

by American Modern October 01, 2023

When someone yells, “Get out of the way!” you should. In fact, we’ll pay you for getting out of the way. One of the benefits of your Collector...

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5 steps to winterize your boat the easy way

by American Modern September 20, 2023

It happens every year. The season comes to an end, and we have to put our boat away for the winter. Before you say your final farewell, however,...

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How to winterize your motorcycle in 7 simple steps

by Rick Drewry September 19, 2023

Cold temperatures are settling in, which means motorcycle riding season is coming to an end. Unless you live in the southwest or southern states, odds are you will...

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9 steps to winterizing your collector vehicle

by Rick Drewry September 18, 2023

In most of the country, cold weather is here to stay, so it's likely time to prepare your ride for hibernation. And because collector cars don’t live the...

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Is your motorcycle coverage a perfect fit?

by American Modern July 20, 2023

Not all bikes are the same. Insurance isn’t all the same, either. Picking good motorcycle insurance is more than just choosing between comp and collision or liability-only. Here...

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Stay current with e-bikes

by American Modern July 05, 2023

Bicycling is a whole lot easier than it used to be. The addition of a compact battery and motor has turned a bike into an e-bike, helping riders...

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7 golf cart safety tips

by Rick Drewry July 03, 2023

They’re not just for golf anymore! Golf carts can be found everywhere from retirement communities to college campuses. Some states have even passed laws allowing them to putter...

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Your collector car & hurricanes: What you should know

by American Modern July 03, 2023

August and September are prime months for hurricanes. Your state’s emergency management agency, or the local Red Cross office, can provide detailed emergency planning information for your life...

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Gearing up for a long motorcycle ride

by Rick Drewry July 02, 2023

Who’s ready to ride? That’s an easy one—you are. But that leads to lots of other questions: What’s your favorite destination? What route should you ride? Who will...

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We’ll help pay to get your boat, yacht, or car out of harm’s way

by American Modern July 01, 2023

When someone yells, “Get out of the way!” you should. In fact, we’ll pay you for getting out of the way.  One of the benefits of your Boat...

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10 steps to secure your ride

by Rick Drewry June 26, 2023

You wear a helmet and pay attention to the road while driving your motorcycle, but when it’s time to hop off for the day, how much care do...

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5 steps to deter motorcycle theft

by Rick Drewry June 22, 2023

Summer is motorcycle riding season but also bike theft season. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, of all thefts, less than half are recovered. The NICB study indicates...

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5 steps to cleaning your collector car

by Rick Drewry June 21, 2023

Proper car maintenance and cleaning of your collector car are not optional—they are vital to ensuring you preserve your vehicle’s allure and value. Follow these 5 steps to...

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5 tips for weathering the storm

by American Modern June 08, 2023

Boating season. Full of sunshine, fresh air, good times … and sometimes storms. Severe weather not only puts a damper on the fun, it can do real damage...

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The ultimate lake house safety guide

by American Modern June 07, 2023

Nothing screams summer like packing up the car and heading down to the lake house. Living by the water provides a constant source of entertainment. But while swimming,...

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What’s your bike type?

by American Modern June 05, 2023

In the market for a new bike? Bikes come in all shapes and styles, and there are plenty of options to choose from.  We’ve put together a guide...

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A smart guide to collector car maintenance

by Rick Drewry June 04, 2023

A nice warm night is the perfect time to take your collector car on a joyride. But if you’re not properly maintaining the car, things could get ugly...

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5 boat maintenance tips

by American Modern May 24, 2023

Spending a bit of time on basic maintenance can help you have fun for years to come. Here are a few  ideas to keep your boat ship-shape. Keep...

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Steer clear of the storm—we’ll help pay your way

by American Modern May 22, 2023

When someone yells, “Get out of the way!” you should. In fact, we’ll pay you for getting out of the way.  One of the benefits of your Boat...

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7 tire safety tips for a smooth ride

by Rick Drewry April 19, 2023

“Where the rubber meets the road” is more than just an expression. Enjoyable and safe motorcycling is a partnership between how well your tires grip the road and...

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5 things to know before you get back on the water

by American Modern April 19, 2023

Summer is right around the corner—and that means it’s time to take the boat out of winter storage. Although there will always be risks, some marine losses can...

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How to fit a motorcycle helmet

by American Modern April 18, 2023

There’s no better feeling than hitting the open road on your motorcycle . . . unless your helmet isn’t properly fitted. Not only is a poorly fitted helmet...

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A 5-point, “road ready” checklist for collector car agents and enthusiasts

by Rick Drewry April 24, 2022

Now that the weather is nice, collector car owners everywhere are itching to take their showpiece for a joyride. Before they do, here are a few tips you...

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