5 Safety Tips When Gearing Up for a Long Motorcycle Ride
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5 Safety Tips When Gearing Up for a Long Motorcycle Ride

by Rick Drewry July 02, 2023

The weather’s getting better fast and that means there’s just one question everyone is asking: Who’s ready to ride? Of course, lots of great questions follow that one: What’s your favorite destination? What is your favorite route to ride? Who will you be riding with?

Now’s the time to start planning your motorcycle events. If you’re looking for a new adventure, just grab a map. Pick a place you’ve never been. Choose your route and do a little research on things to see and stops to take along the way—remember, the journey is just as important as the destination! Look for historic landmarks, well-known restaurants and diners, national parks, museums, and, of course, motorcycle shops or dealers.

Although there’s nothing wrong with hopping on your bike just to see where you end up, having a route and a plan can be fun, too.

Let’s get our bikes ready for the season and see where they take us this year. Who’s ready to ride?


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Rick Drewry

Rick Drewry is a Senior Claims Specialist, Collector Vehicle & Motorcycle, at American Modern Insurance Group. He has been passionate about collector cars since he was a kid. He has owned and restored collector cars for 30 years.