Pet tips for apartment living
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Pet tips for apartment living

by American Modern April 01, 2024

According to the LA Times, more than 70% of apartment renters own pets, with cats and dogs being the most popular types. Regardless of whether you’re a cat- or a dog-person, keep these tips in mind to make life easier for you and your four-legged roomies.

  1. Consider apartment-friendly dog breeds. If you’re in the market for a canine companion and your apartment community permits pets, be sure to consider an apartment-friendly breed, such as Basset Hounds, Bulldogs, Pugs, or Yorkshire Terriers, to name a few. These breeds are well suited for apartment living because they’re quiet, have low-energy requirements, and don’t need a lot of space. For a comprehensive list of apartment-friendly dog breeds, check out the American Kennel Club’s recommendations here.
  2. Make time to play. Pets that have been cooped up in an apartment all day need to get out and stretch their legs. Making time to play, whether inside or out, gives pets a chance to burn off extra energy, which otherwise could turn into scratching, chewing, or other destructive behavior.
  3. Pet-proof your pad. There are a variety of things you can do to make life easier for you and your pet. Invest in a pet gate to block off certain areas, place food and water bowls in easy-to-clean locations, grab a pet bed to keep pets off the furniture, use childproof latches to secure cabinets, and keep trash bins covered.
  4. Check your renter’s insurance. Some renter’s insurance policies may cover damage to your apartment caused by pets as well as personal liability protection in case your pet injures another person. Be aware that renters insurance doesn’t cover all animal-related accidents (including dog bites) nor does it cover all pets. Not sure? Check your policy or with your insurance agent.
  5. Consider pet health insurance. Pet health insurance can help cover vet bills in case your pet has an accident or illness. Embrace Pet Insurance has recently been recognized as one of the best pet insurance companies and “Best for Young Pets” by Mashable. To get a quote, go to
  6. Keep vaccinations and medications current. If your pet is around other pets, which is common in apartment communities, there’s a higher likelihood of spreading parasites and infections. Keeping vaccinations and medications current can prevent the spread of avoidable diseases.

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