Prepare your pool for child safety
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Prepare your pool for child safety

by American Modern May 13, 2024

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s likely that you and your kids are spending a lot of time cooling off by the pool. Here are some pool safety tips to help keep your backyard oasis secure and safe.

There are a variety of technologies and smart devices on the market that work hard at keeping children safe whether the pool is in use or not.

Install Fencing and Alarms

For an in-ground pool, it’s a good idea to install at least a four-foot fence with secure and auto-closing gates. Guardian Pool Fences are purposefully designed with mesh to prevent children from climbing. They are affordable, removable, and customizable. If you’re looking for a more permanent fence, whether it is made of aluminum or wood, you can always install a gate alarm made by Smartpool.

For above-ground pools, Protect-A-Pool fence is an easy-to-install, modular fence made from sturdy but lightweight resin. It’s rustproof and universally fits most above ground pools. The locking gate will be hard to reach for young children, and additional gate alarms can be installed as well. The Techko Safe Pool Alarm is designed to monitor any gate, door, window, or other entryways to the pool area. It also comes with two additional sensors for sliding glass doors and screen doors, leaving the alarm active while one may be open.

There are smart alarms that keep a “watchful eye” on the perimeter of the pool. These invisible fences can be set up at different points around a pool to create a laser field. When a child or a small animal penetrates the field, the alarm will sound. Blue Wave has designed an alarm to not only alert to any entry into the pool area, but it will also detect if an object, pet, or child over 18 pounds falls into the water. This added set of eyes could be a huge advantage in keeping children safe around the pool.

Younger children can wear pool alarms, too! The Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm is an adorable, comfortable wristband worn by children to alert parents of any accidental tumbles into the water. It has a sensor that alerts a base station, notifying them of any submersions into pools, hot tubs, lakes, or any other body of water.

Purchase Rescue Equipment

All pools should be equipped with standard rescue equipment should any child slip into the pool. These are all inexpensive and necessary to have handy in case of emergencies:

Lifesaver With A Rope. If someone is drowning, these can be tossed into the water so one can grab onto it while they are pulled to the side of the pool and helped out.

A Shepard’s Hook is basically a metal loop-shaped into a hook that can be attached to the end of the telescopic pole – the one that’s used for the pool skimmer. If someone is in danger, wrapping the hook around him or her can help pull them to safety.

Train Kids in Basic Water Skills

Now that your pool is fully accessorized for safety, it’s also wise to outfit any child who is a non-swimmer or beginner swimmer with personal flotation devices, such as life vests or puddle jumpers. The best ones will have a United States Coast Guard approval. These devices not only save lives, but they are always kid-friendly, kid-sized, and come in colorful designs, often with the child’s favorite character.

Paying close attention to young children swimming and splashing around is the safest bet to keeping track of a child’s well-being. In addition, adults should always stay certified in infant and child CPR.

For older kids, swimming lessons are often offered for free or at low-cost by your YMCA and other locally sponsored programs. During swim lessons, children should be learning these five skills:

  1. Stepping or jumping into the water and returning to the surface. That way if the child falls into the water unexpectedly, he or she will not panic.
  2.  Floating or treading water for one minute is needed in order to build up endurance in the water.
  3. Turning around in a full circle while in the water and finding an exit.
  4. Swimming at least 25 yards to exit the water.
  5. Exiting the water, especially in a pool, children should be able to climb out without using a ladder.

Share these tips with friends and family, and remind them to have fun and stay safe this summer!

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