Beat the deep freeze: How to prevent frozen pipes
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Beat the deep freeze: How to prevent frozen pipes

by American Modern January 04, 2024

Freezing temperatures. Whiteout storms. Icy roads. And, worst of all, frozen pipes. You can’t do much about winter’s “wonderland,” but you can take steps to keep your pipes in one piece. All it takes is a little know-how.

When water freezes inside a pipe, it expands. On top of that, most metal and plastic pipes become more brittle in the cold, so they’re more apt to snap under stress. The pressure builds, a crack opens, the ice plug slides out and there you have it: a burst pipe and thousands of dollars in flooding damage to your home.

This guide can help you beat the deep freeze. Download it, print it, share it. Just don’t wait until it’s too late to use it.


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