Top 5 reasons to buy a tiny home
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Top 5 reasons to buy a tiny home

by American Modern February 10, 2023

Tiny living is the hot new housing trend that has people of all walks of life permanently downsizing. They’re cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and space-efficient. If you don’t mind sacrificing some room, tiny homes can provide tremendous benefits. Here are the top 6 reasons to make the big move to tiny living:

  1. Lower cost. Tiny homes cost significantly less than a traditional home. Prices vary by size and feature, but the media cost of a tiny home is between $30,000- $60,000 according to Business Insider. That low sticker price gives tiny home owners the financial freedom to own their home, avoid large mortgages, and build up their savings.
  2. More sustainable. Because of their size, tiny homes require fewer materials to build and less energy to maintain, significantly lowering their owner’s carbon footprint. Take it a step further with solar-powered energy and compostable sewage.
  3. Less cleaning. It’s simple—less stuff means less clutter. Cutting down space means fewer rooms to vacuum, fewer surfaces to dust, and more time to do what you love.
  4. Reduced stress. The simplicity and freedom of tiny living has several psychological benefits. Too much clutter has been proven to diminish mental well-being. That’s right, less stuff can actually make you happier! Plus, the low cost of living in a tiny home significantly lowers stress levels.
  5. More time outdoors. There may not be a ton of space for exercise and activities in a tiny home, and that’s the point! Tiny home living drives owners outside to enjoy the great outdoors and get active.

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