8 turkey deep-frying safety tips
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8 turkey deep-frying safety tips

by American Modern October 22, 2023

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s no doubt that you have already started putting together a grocery list for the perfect holiday dinner. While sides like green bean casserole and stuffing are a must for any Thanksgiving menu, Turkey is still the obvious star of the table, but not all are prepared the same. Some wake up bright and early to get started on their turkey that may take hours to roast in the oven, some stuff their turkey with vegetables and bread, while others avoid the trouble, and save time by deep-frying their turkey instead. Unfortunately, there are a lot of safety concerns that come with doing that: from cooking fires to serious burns.

If you’re planning on deep-frying your turkey this Thanksgiving, follow these 8 safety tips:

  1. Thaw and dry the bird. Adding a partly frozen or wet bird to hot oil will cause spattering or a spill, which could result in severe burns or a fire.
  2. Don’t overfill the oil. Turkeys displace a lot of oil. Hot oil reacts like gasoline when it hits an open flame, so don’t overfill the tank.
  3. Take it slow. Make sure the fryer is leveled. Slowly lower the turkey into the oil.
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. If there is a fire, don’t use a garden hose because water spreads an oil fire. Use a Class B fire extinguisher to put it out.
  5. Give yourself some room. Setting the fryer away from the home provides a measure of safety. Garages, covered patios, or decks are not safe locations for using your fryer.
  6. Never leave the fryer unattended. Oil stays hot for a long time. Just because the heat source is off doesn’t mean the danger is gone.
  7. Keep children and pets away. Keep children and pets far away from a fryer (even after cooking), as they can easily knock over the unit, causing burns or a fire.
  8. Read the manufacturer’s instructions. It might seem boring, but it could save your home.

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